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Investing in Your health

Compliments to the new season!!

As is tradition for this time of the year, many people set out with their new resolutions in hand as they start afresh ready to conquer whatever they have laid out in front of them! However, for the majority (we talking 70-80%), those resolutions don’t make it past the first couple of months of the year! Most of the resolutions are aimed at being healthier (exercising more, eating better) yet by the second or third month, the drive and impetus has disappeared. For most people, the age old excuse is time!! I get it, we are all busy! We have businesses to run, families to support, the list is endless. Essentially, we invest much of our time and energy in other things but yet how much time do we invest in ourselves?!?!

This article has been triggered by some of the responses I get from patients when I ask about exercise, whether it be to keep fit or if they are performing rehab on an old injury. The most common response I get… I don’t have time!! What many patients don’t understand and what I try to tell them is that exercise may help resolve many of the aches and pains they feel on a regular basis. And by finding the time to at least do some exercise, they are taking responsibility for their own health. I am not expecting them to be able run the Comrades marathon in 6 months or to be the next Mr/Ms Universe but finding that little extra time in the day for yourself… that’s all that is needed to change and break the cycle.

How many of us are prepared to sit and binge-watch our favourite series at night?!?! That can take 2-3 hours but finding 10 minutes 3-4 times a week to invest in something that improves our overall well-being…hmmm, makes me wonder?! We all have done it (me included) or still do it but is it really benefitting us, in all aspects of our life?!

Every great accomplishment (for the most part) started out as something small, grew slowly in the beginning and eventually became the ideal that it is today. Your health is no different… start small and do a little every day! You will be surprised at how quickly and easy things can grow.

I wish you a healthy and prosperous 2018!!

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