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Calming the Mind: Meditation

In a world filled with stress (financial, work, relationship etc) there are many activities in which people can try and alleviate and calm that stress. These activities include exercising, reading or binge watching your favourite television show, to name but a few. Whichever activity is the one that works for you, do it! And do it regularly and constantly to create the habit with it to gain the maximum reward from it.

There is one other (and not the only) that has come up quite consistently over the last few weeks, it is an activity that I have started to adopt slowly and I am starting to realise the benefits of doing on a regular basis. This activity is… meditation. To be honest, I have always thought that meditation was more of an “out there” exercise reserved for those that are “alternate” in their thinking.

However, I have come to realise that it can be an exceptionally powerful tool for gaining control of your thoughts and seeing challenges, failures etc with a different perspective.

Our brains are inherently designed to protect us from harm and it will do what it needs to perform that function. Our brain is divided (very simply) into two aspects, the logical, cognitive brain and the emotional, primitive brain. It is the emotional brain (generally) that protects us from harm and stops us from doing the doings we know we should be doing. However, those people that are able to balance the “two” brains, are able to unlock huge potential and make decisions that benefit themselves and everyone else.

I believe that meditation is a way that can do that. I have been exploring the option over the last couple of weeks and have been amazed at how I have felt and can see, already, the huge benefits that may arise from doing it on a regular basis. What meditation does is calm the mind and allows you to process each and every thought. It slows them down to process them properly and effectively and it may even make you realise that it’s not all that bad after all!!

I meditate before bed as I find that it calms my mind and I get a better night’s rest, which sets you up for the next day. Ultimately, you need to find what and when it works for you. Even taking 10 minutes during a hectic day to process what is happening may be effective.

So where to begin the process?!? Technology is great in that way ;)… There are two apps that I use; one is called Calm and the other Headspace. Both are available across the platforms. Headspace was rated as one of the top meditation apps for 2017. However, it does require a subscription to continue using it. Calm has a lot more free and available content but also has a premium subscription to unlock its full capacity. You now may be asking why I need to pay for something I am not sure about. Fortunately, both apps have introductory courses at no charge to get you to understand what it’s all about and set you on a path that may be of assistance.

If you are still unsure about meditation, think of it as mindfulness rather than meditation. Think of it as a way of filtering, processing and understanding what is going on in our heads and the world around us. This is not for everybody but it may be for you. Why not give it a try… you never know what potential you may unlock!!

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