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Telehealth can be described as the use of technology communication to offer and provide healthcare services to patients over long distances and in remote locations. Telehealth is usually conducted via video consultation and is still a one-on-one interaction but cannot take place face-to-face. The benefits of a Telehealth consultation are as follows:

  • Saves Time - less time is wasted on travel to get to the appointment

  • For patients who are immobile, or too sore to get to the rooms, an initial consult to assess what the problem is and relieve some pain can be done via a Telehealth consultation

  • Covenient - can be done while at home or at work (in a safe environment)

  • Travelling - you can now connect with your trusted healthcare professional even when away on business for an extended period.

Research has shown that Telehealth is an effective, safe and convenient way to deliver healthcare over long distances. Patient satisfaction is as good, if not better, doing a Telehealth consult than a face-to-face interaction. However, it will not replace a consultation in the rooms but it can be used as adjunct to the practice. 

The world is becoming ever "smaller" due to he advances in technology, and healthcare is not excluded from that. It's a great way to maintain contact with your healthcare provider and still receive the quality healthcare you have received.

Equipment Required

The following equipment is required for a successful Telehealth consultation:

  • A device (phone, tablet, computer) with good quality video 

  • Strong WiFi /internet connection

  • A quiet room and good lighting

As a chiropractor, it will difficult to manually adjust/manipulate our patients. However, according to the clinical guidelines on low back pain, education and exercise are two of the most important factors in alleviating back pain. It also gives patient autonomy. In other words, it puts you into control of your own pain and own rehabilitation. We, as chiropractors, are mere facilitators!

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